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The Leading Forum on Financial and Non-financial Incentives, Pay for Performance, Gainsharing, Transparency and Payment Reform in American Healthcare

October 19 - 21, 2008
Marriott Wardman Park Hotel
Washington, DC

Watch video of the 2008 Healthcare Incentives Institute on the go. The Healthcare Incentives Institute offers Podcasting of all general sessions on a 30gb Video iPOD™, a DVD-ROM, or a Flash Drive. Concurrent breakout session audio and all related presentation materials are also included on each multimedia format.

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Leah Binder, MA, MGA
Chief Executive Officer, The Leapfrog Group, Farmington, ME

Francois de Brantes
Chief Executive Officer, Bridges to Excellence, Fairfield, CT

John Iglehart
Founding Editor, Health Affairs, National Correspondent, New England Journal of Medicine, Washington, DC

Terry McGeeney, MD, MBA
President and Chief Executive Officer, TransforMED, Former Medical Director, McFarland Clinic, Leawood, KS

Meredith B. Rosenthal, PhD
Associate Professor of Health Economics and Policy, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA

Tom Williams
Executive Director, Integrated Healthcare Association, Oakland, CA

  • Preconference Workshop I: Transparency, Pay-for-Performance, and Public Reporting - Implementing the PROMETHEUS Payment™ Program
    Sponsored by Bridges to Excellence
  • Preconference Workshop II: Patient Centered Medical Home, Maximizing Today's Realities While Preparing for Tomorrow's Opportunities
    Sponsored by TransforMED, an affiliate of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP)

  • Incentives and Choice in Health Care
  • The Role of Incentive Initiatives in Healthcare Payment Reform
  • The Role Standards and Comparative Effectiveness in the Implementation of Healthcare Incentives
  • The Role of the Medicare and Medicaid in Incentive Transformation
  • The "Pay" in Pay for Performance: Insights in Using Incentives to Promote Quality and Efficiency
  • Collaboration between Employers and Payors Essential to Successful Incentive Implementation
  • Results of Bridges to Excellence Program in Massachusetts
  • The Role of the Health Plans in Incentive Transformation
  • The Role of the Hospitals and Health Systems in Incentive Transformation
  • Incentives and Diffusion: EMRs, PHRs, and IT-Enabled Devices
  • Benefit Package Redesign and Enrollee Wellness Incentives
  • How Has Capitation Evolved over the Past 25 years: Incentive Lessons Learned
  • Collective Accountability for Medical Care: Toward Bundled Medicare Payments
  • Price and Quality Transparency Initiatives: Aligning your Efforts with your Target Customer
  • Employer Perspectives on Transparency in Health Care
  • The Future of Value-Based Insurance Design
  • Health Care 2009 and Beyond - The Role of the Consumer
  • Building a New Payment System: Stakeholder Perspectives on Principles and Elements

  • Perverse Incentives in Health Care
  • Incentives in Healthcare: The System's Broke; Let's Fix It
  • Wellness Incentives: How to Motivate Employees to Make Lifestyle Changes
  • Wellness Incentives: Innovative Health and Wellness Incentive Programs
  • Wellness Incentives: Wellness Incentive Compliance
  • Demand Grows for Value-Based Rx Plans; As Insurers Expand Offerings, ROI Is Elusive
  • New Evidence from AHRQ on P4P: Does the Frequency of Physician Incentives Payment Matter?
  • The Future of Pay-for-Performance in the Safety-Net Setting - New Evidence from AHRQ
  • Value-Driven Health Care Purchasing: Four States that Are Ahead of the Curve
  • Hospital Incentives for Palliative Care and Hospice
  • Innovations in the Use of Financial Incentives in Chronic Addiction Treatment
  • Hospital Medicine (Hospitalist) as Mediator: Aligning Physician and Hospital Incentives
  • The Medical Home: Disruptive Innovation for a New Primary Care Model
  • Aligning the Incentives in Rebate Contracting to Outcomes and the Patient Medical Home
  • Advancing Primary Care through Changing Reimbursement: Provider Based Disease Management and the Advanced Medical Home
  • American Academy of Family Physicians TransforMED Focus on Reformed Incentives
  • Collaborating with Providers to Foster a Culture of Quality
  • Gainsharing and Incentives: Legal and Operational Issues
  • Medicare and Private Payor Nonpayment for Never Events Update
  • Challenges of Implementing Physician Incentives in a Charitable Organization
  • Getting What We Pay For: Innovations Lacking in Provider Payment Reform for Chronic Disease Care
  • What Women Want: Microtargeting Healthcare Incentives to Alpha Moms
  • Transparency in Healthcare - Making it Happen: Lessons Learned from the 100 Top Hospitals®
  • An Evidence-Based Approach to Addressing Ethical Issues in Healthcare Incentive Arrangements
  • Basic Legal Issues in Implementing Healthcare Incentives and Pay for Performance
  • BCBSA: Changing Payment Incentives 'Crucial Step' In Healthcare Reform, Featuring Highmark Quality Blue Pay for Performance Program
  • Case Study: WellPoint Inc./ Anthem Blue Cross PPO Physician Quality Incentive Program
  • Case Study: Geisinger Payment Transformation Strategies
  • Case Study: ThedaCare, Appleton, WI
  • Case Study: Pennsylvania's Medicaid Pay for Performance Programs
  • Case Study: Maryland Acute Care Hospital Quality-Based Reimbursement: An All-Payer Initiative

  • Post Conference Banquest and Workshop: The Leapfrog Hospital Rewards Program
    Sponsored by The Leapfrog Group


Michael Belman, MD, MPH, FACP
Medical Director, Clinical Quality and Innovations, Anthem Blue Cross, Woodland Hills, CA

Robert L. Broadway, FHFMA
Vice President of Corporate Strategy at the Bethesda Healthcare System, Chairman, Healthcare Financial Management Association, Boynton Beach, FL

Molly Joel Coye, MD, MPH
Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Health Technology Center, San Francisco, CA

Helen Darling
President, National Business Group on Health, Washington, DC

Robert S. Galvin, MD, MBA
Director, Global Healthcare, General Electric Company, Founder, Center for Payment Reform, Founding Member, The Leap Frog Group, Vice Chair, Washington Business Group on Health, Fairfield, CT

John Goodman, PhD
President, National Center for Policy Analysis, Author, Patient Power: Solving America's Health Care Crisis, Washington, DC

Jeffrey C. Greene, CMPE
Chief Executive Officer, MedEncentive, Oklahoma City, OK

Regina E. Herzlinger, PhD
Nancy R. McPherson Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School, Author, Consumer-Driven Healthcare, Cambridge, MA

David Hom, MBA
Chairman, Center for Health Value Innovation, Former Vice President, Strategic Initiatives Department, Human Resources Department, Pitney Bowes, Stamford, CT

Paul Keckley, PhD
Executive Director, Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, Washington, DC

Robert Margolis, MD
Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer, HealthCare Partners, Chair, NCQA, Los Angeles, CA

Anne Mutti, MPA
Senior Analyst, MedPAC, Co author, Collective Accountability for Medical Care - Toward Bundled Medicare Payments, Washington, DC

Richard A. Norling, MA, MHA
President and Chief Executive Officer, Premier, Inc., Former President and Chief Executive Officer, Fairview Hospital and Healthcare System, Minneapolis, MN

Peggy E. O'Kane
President, National Committee for Quality Assurance, Washington, DC

David Satin, MD
Center for Bioethics, Department of Family Medicine, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Frank A. Sloan
J. Alexander McMahon Professor, Health Policy and Management, and Professor of Economics, Duke University, Co editor, Incentives and Choice in Health Care, Durham, NC

D. McCarty (Mac) Thornton, Esq.
Partner, Sonnenschein, Nath and Rosenthal LLP, Former Chief Counsel to the Inspector General, Department of Health & Human Services, Washington, DC

John Toussaint, MD
President, ThedaCare Center for Creating Value in Healthcare, Former President and Chief Executive Officer, ThedaCare, Appleton, WI

Thomas Valuck, MD, MHSA, JD
Medical Officer and Senior Advisor, Center for Medicare Management, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Baltimore, MD

Kevin Volpp, MD, PhD
Director, Center on Health Incentives, Leonard Davis Institute for Health Economics, Associate Professor, University of Pennsylania School of Medicine and the Wharton School, Staff Physician, CHERP, Philadelphia VA Medical Center, Philadelphia, PA

Andrew Webber
President and Chief Executive Officer, National Business Coalition on Health, Washington, DC

Mark Wynn, PhD
Director, Payment Policy Demonstrations Division, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Washington, DC


America's health system, while the world's leader in many extraordinary complex medical treatments, is expensive and rife with problems of access, cost effectiveness and quality and patient safety. Many critics find perverse tax policy, coverage and payment incentives at the very heart of the challenges facing medical care in the United States. Across the health system healthcare professionals and executives, innovators, entrepreneurs and health reformers are experimenting with innovations in benefit package design, provider payment methodologies, gainsharing and shared ownership arrangements in an effort to reverse perverse incentives to motivate behavior that will improve the nation's health system and to induce practices that will improve access, cost effectiveness and quality and patient safety.

The purpose of the National Healthcare Incentives Institute is to convene national and international experts on healthcare incentives and to share innovative initiatives and practical case studies in the following:

  • The Role of Government, Employers, Health Plans and Providers in Healthcare Incentive Innovation
  • Value-based Benefit Package Design and Consumer Health and Wellness Incentives
  • Topics on Medicare and Medicaid Payment Reforms
  • Transparency, Pay for Performance and Incentive Payments
  • Non-financial Incentives, such as Disclosure and Peer Review
  • The Evolution of Global and Bundled Payments and Capitation as Incentive Provider Payment Mechanisms
  • The Emergence of new Incentive Payment Structures, including Medical Home
  • Equity, Gainsharing and Contractual Arrangements
  • Practical Approaches to Leading Change, including Strategies for Working with Physicians
  • Legal Issues in Incentive Payment Initiatives: Antitrust, Fraud and Abuse, Stark, Pension and Benefits Rules
  • Measuring the ROI of New Incentive Arrangements
  • The Role of Incentive Transformation in State and National Health Reform

Attendees will learn through over 50 sessions, including preconference symposia, plenary sessions, concurrent sessions and workshops, featuring a faculty of over 100 experts in the field.

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The Incentives Institute is dedicated to the life, work and contributions of:

Kenneth J. Arrow, PhD
Professor of Economics, Emeritus, Stanford University, Author, Uncertainty and the Welfare Economics of Medical Care (The American Economic Review), Nobel Prize in Economics, Palo Alto, CA
Click here for information about Professor Arrow.



Sponsored by the Integrated Healthcare Association
March 9 - 11, 2009
San Francisco, CA

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